When did you go vegan?
24th June 2016

What supplements do you take?
Vitamin b12 and vitamin D3 (vegan)

Is your whole family vegan?
Myself, my Mum and my sister are all vegan but my Dad and brother are not. 

Why did you go vegan?
Originally I went vegan for my health, but now I am vegan for not only this, but even more importantly the animals and environment. 


What do you study at university?
I read Biological Natural Sciences at Cambridge University.

Which university do you attend?
I study at Cambridge University.

What A-Levels did you do?
Biology, Chemistry and Maths, as well as Geography AS Level and an EPQ. 

Did you go to a private school?
I have not been private school educated, neither at Primary nor Secondary school. The latter was just a Grammar school. 



What camera do you use?
Canon G7X Mark ii

When did I start my YouTube channel?
I started in August 2016 after going vegan, finishing my A-Levels and starting university.

What do I use to edit my videos?
Final Cut Pro

How do I edit my photos?
I use the tool built-in on Apple Mac as well as the app called VSCO.