Salad Bowl

Grab yourself a big bowl, any leftovers from the fridge, beans, greens and you're all good to go. Whilst I do love a salad in the summer when the sun is shining, I think they're an amazing lunch or light dinner staple whatever time of the year. It may be the stereotypical vegan dish (because you know we only eat lettuce, right?) however they're so refreshing, vibrant, colourful and quick to make - you really just can't say no. 


Whenever I make a salad I always start with a giant base of green leaves. My go-to is always spinach, however you can choose whatever you like, be it kale, lettuce or rocket for example. A healthy and filling salad is definitely not just a bed of green leaves though, so I then choose some carbohydrates and a source of protein. My favourite leftover to find in the fridge is a cold baked potato, however sadly they're not available on demand, so I can always fall back on toasted rye bread, pearl barley, quinoa or beans. 


Salad dressing

To quickly whip up a salad dressing my favourite key ingredient is tahini. I either drizzle this on top alone or mix it up with some apple cider vinegar, which is a combination you just can't go wrong with. I do also love a dash of balsamic vinegar or smashed avocado if there is one ripe and ready. 


In the peak of summer, a salad topped with a ripe, juicy mango is perfect. The juice is also a great starting point for an easy dressing to coat all your greens and moisten it all up a bit. Other fruits for salads include pomegranate seeds or apple chunks for a sweet, crispy twist. 

Fully Raw

Fully raw means only eating foods that haven't been cooked in any way, and salads are a staple for those who choose to follow this form of a vegan diet. Whilst I have never tried being fully raw, not even for a day, sometimes just solely eating raw foods can be a great way to detoxify your body and give your digestive system a little bit of a rest. 

Raw Mushrooms?

YES! Honestly people, stop judging me and try them! The most common response I receive when I eat salads is the shock of seeing someone enjoy raw mushrooms. It makes me laugh every time because before I went vegan I hated mushrooms, raw or cooked. However now, I cannot get enough of them. Whilst I love oven baked mushrooms, they are amazing raw as well. My whole family is hooked on them! 


My favourite thing about salads is that they're so versatile. I make them slightly different each time, so no salad tastes the same. You can be as creative as you like, however I'll just give you some of my favourite salad ingredients down below.


Hot or cold potato

Butternut squash

Pearl barley

Toasted rye bread

Cous cous



Mixed leaves




Raw mushrooms












Edamame beans

Mixed seeds



Holly Gabrielle