100 facts about me in 10 minutes 

About me

Hello my friends and welcome to the official website of Holly Gabrielle!

After going vegan in late June of 2016, opening my A-Level results and packing to move off to university, I picked up the camera and uploaded my first ever video to YouTube. As much as a cliqué it may sound, I embarked on a new journey, a new chapter and almost as a new 'me', and so there really was no better time to let you guys into my life.

I'm a biology geek, plant-loving foodie, Cambridge student and total sucker for furry friends. Newbie yogi, dancer, performer and lover of all things holistic health and fitness. 

Online, I document all these different aspects of my crazy little life, and this website is purely just another extension of me. More of the busy British brunette you may or may not already know as Holly Gabrielle.

My only wish is to inspire, educate and motivate those who have found me and chosen to follow me. I want you to be happy that you've discovered this website, clicked that red subscribe button on YouTube, or made and enjoyed one of my recipes. To put a smile on your face, to make you laugh and to give you a hug in the streets. It's simply why I choose to put my life online, and without any utter doubt, it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

I don't really know where these adventures will take me, where I'll be going or what I'll be doing, but I'm pretty sure I'll always be Holly.